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Posted by Victory Hangers

Everyday we find new activities to start working out and get fast results.

In the past years we tried many indoor sports that are designed to change your body composition, build muscles and loose fat, bring power and agility.

CrossFit is a fitness program developed by Greg Glassman, CrossFit's Founder and CEO. He is the person in history that tried to define fitness in a measurable and meaningful way: by increasing work capacity in broad time and through complete circuits. He then designed the regimens to improve health and fitness.

CrossFit is based on functional movements performed at high intensity. The CrossFit trainings are bases on movements from gymnastics,running,hardlifting weight trainings etc. These are the basic movements we use in regular daily activities.

Variety and intensity are maximising your effort spent in the gym, creating every time new moves and exercises that target all your body muscles, building strenght and dividing the work by time or power.

 The more exercises you do in less time, or the higher the power you invest, the more intense the effort. Variation is the key to succeed and not get bored like in other sports that are based on a specific routine.

Also the classes create communities and people are often finding friends to come together and perform the exercises in groups.

They are competing one to another and develop teams that trigger the best results.

You can often see on the walls of the CrossFit gyms, blackboards with active competition where teams are gaining points for certain exercises and follow timings.

The exercises are the same for everyone, only the intensity and load are different, so doesn’t matter the physical state or age but the determination and wish to performance.

Crossing your limits pumps resistance and health and you feel overall happy and oxigenated.



Go, CrossFit!

 Victory Hangers Team