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Achieving your Goals in Sports


Motivation for Greater Success

Motivation is the true foundation of any success, even more so when we talk about sports. If there is a lack of determination or genuine desire to actually improve your performance in sports, sooner or later you will realize that your physical efforts are basically meaningless. Motivation is the “push” factor which will help you climb higher and higher on the ladder of success. In order to achieve motivation, you need to work on your self-confidence, your focus, and several other mental drives.

So what is Motivation? As described in any dictionary, it is the collection of “reasons” that help you act or behave in a certain way. If you lack motivation, you lack persistence. If you lack motivation, you lack true desire to achieve. If you lack motivation, you lack that pushing power that will take you higher. In sports, motivation is extremely important. There are moments when you struggle with fatigue or even extenuation, pain, boredom and low self-esteem. Facing all these challenges, you still must overcome them and motivate yourself, stay persistent and have that “never give up” factor inside.

Healthy motivation will keep you going on all levels. When you keep going, it means you are progressing, even if you’re taking it with baby steps.  Motivation helps you stay in a good physical condition, perform well at training tasks, achieve a healthy mental preparation and follow the right schedule for your sleep and diet.

Motivation - the only factor that you can control

In sports performance almighty motivation is the one and only factor that you can control. You can’t control the weather, your performance on the field, your health condition or the mishaps. However, you can control your inner drive and accelerate your passion and willingness to succeed…and when you do so, you will directly influence all other factors and drive them in the direction that you want.

When you recognize these signs…your motivation is extremely low:

  • You don’t give your 100% while training. You feel that you could give more, but you don’t
  • You skip training sessions. You even started to shorten your training time.
  • You go to trainings, but without a true desire to actually be present and work out

Work on your motivation - important tips:


medal in hand

Think long-term. In order to improve your motivation, you need to visualize your long term goals. This way, you will start working towards that goal an you will invest more effort into obtaining good results step-by-step. Why am I working so hard? What do I want to achieve? Where would I like to see myself in 1 year? Or maybe 5 years from now?

Two can play that game. Get yourself a trustworthy partner in sports. Train together, push one another towards a goal, and work as a team. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to stay motivated on your own, so you will need a good partner. If you need to achieve on an individual level, your partner could be your brother, sister, friend, parent or coach. You need to have someone “push” you and increase your confidence so that you can stay motivated.

Check your competition. Keep an eye on your competition, and “steal” from them. Learn from the best and follow their routine. Copy your competition and work towards becoming just as good as they are.

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