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Posted by Victory Hangers

 Maybe you’re not really into sports already, or maybe you think you’re not made for sports.

You know what? We are all made for sports, but some of us just didn’t discover what their passion is.

So, we have prepared for you five guiding questions, to help you find out where your love for sports lies.

Work through each area of inquiry at your own pace, and you’ll come away with a better understanding of where your own true fitness passions might lie.


  1. What were you passionate about as a child?

Were there sports you enjoyed playing when you were little? Did you dance? Swim? Jump rope? Perform gymnastics? Try to recall what active pastimes gave you the most satisfaction.


  1. What obstacles to fitness have you encountered in the past?

Looking back on your life, consider what stood in the way of you enjoying exercise — from childhood asthma to teenage body-image insecurities

It can be helpful to be aware of these things and to get some guidance from a coach or personal trainer in working through them.


  1. Where are you most happy?

Nature lovers might find their fitness passion on local hiking or biking trails, or working out in a park with friends. If you are happier alone watching TV or listening to music, you might be happier at a gym.

If you’re not aware of the places and times you’re most happy, keep a journal for a week or two and make notes of how you feel in certain situations throughout each day.


  1. What are your fitness goals?

Give some thought to your reasons for exercising. Are you interested in building strength, or dropping weight? Do you have a specific goal, like running your first 5K, benching a certain weight, or doing a pull-up? Are you just looking for enjoyable activities that get you moving?

Knowing your goals, and gearing your activities toward them, helps ensure that your workouts are both satisfying and successful in their outcomes.


We are here, supporting your journey towards a life full of joy and sports! :)

 Victory Hangers Team